Candidate to affiliate


What does Wep offer its members?

-Accreditation and a personal certificate which recognizes members as belonging to the world of elite photographers and which can be displayed in their companies or published on the network to strengthen their image as a great professional.

-A place where the best photographers in the world display their photographs together with contact information (Web, email, Facebook, etc.).

-The possibility of participating in the awards granted by WEP and which highlights the work performed by the best photographers in the world.

-Promotion through Pinterest,InstagramTwitter or Facebook.

Do you know a candidate to be a WEP?

Leave a message at where the name of the / photographer / and his/her email and Web page appears, and they will be assessed and sent an invitation in your name.

Do you think you could be a WEP photographer?
For new members to be accepted, it is an essential requirement that they are recommended by photographers who already belong to Wep or if otherwise, the work provided will be reviewed following a strict criteria of technical quality, originality and professionalism. If an application is considered not to be suitable, the interested party will be informed and the subscription reimbursed.

You can register by sending an email to where you indicate your personal data, trade name and Web page (if deemed appropriate more photographs could be requested to check the applicant’s level)

Do you want to join this exclusive community?

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