You will identify member Wep at workplace:



World Elite Photographers recognise associated photographers by means of a certificate, therefore the photographer can identify their studio, web and social networks as a member of World Elite Photographers.

Shipping of the membership certificate is done by email.


Membership card:


World Elite Photographers identifies each associated photographer personally with a membership card with their information and photography, so that the photographer can be identified as a member anywhere, the membership card is valid for one year and is renewed at the same time as their WEP membership renewal.
If you wish to obtain the WEP membership card you should send a passport style photograph to support@worldelitephotographers.com and we will ship it to you by regular mail.


Award distinctions :

World Elite Photographers grants a silver award for each photograph deserving a WEP award.
The photographer who has more than one WEP award obtains a gold distinction.
These distinctions are the sign of a great photographic level and the maximum expression as a professional photographer.
These distinctions are sent by regular mail to the winners of the WEP awards.


About the diplomas of the WEP awards:

World Elite Photographers grants a diploma to each photographer winning a WEP award with the information and the winning photograph.
This certificate demonstrates the high level reached by the WEP photographer and it can be displayed in the winners studio, web or on social networks.