World Elite Photographers from here on WEP, is a project carried out by professional photographers belonging to the Photographic Art Association based in the Balearic Islands (Spain).

What we are looking for:

The purpose of WEP is to pursue excellence in professional photography around the world, promoting the photographers deserving of such excellence, recognizing the artistic, technical and emotional talent of their work.

How we do this:

After viewing the work published online by thousands of photographers around the world, we select the best; those who deserve to belong to an elite group that stands above the rest, and we invite you to come and join WEP.

Only the photographers invited by WEP or those who, after sending their data and images for the WEP team to assess such work, can become members of WEP.

WEP will select a certain number of photographers, limited by region, since exclusivity is one of the most discerning factors that WEP applies for selecting its members.

Other criteria for being selected by WEP are originality, technique and emotionality of the work as well as awards or recognition from other organizations that the photographer may have.

We do not evaluate the photographer’s fee because every country and culture moves in different economies, so it is difficult to have a scale of high or low prices at worldwide level, in the same way, each photographer offers different packages and they are not comparable with one another.

WEP is certified by an accredited diploma for members, it is a diploma which photographers can use to promote themselves in their studio or to make visible on their websites and social networks. This is the document by which their clients can see that they belong to a group of high-level photographers.

Furthermore, WEP provides the photographer with promotional material such as logos and banners for use where considered appropriate, therefore their clients can see how the photographer is recognized and belongs to the elite of the photography world.

Several times a year WEP announces the WEP awards, exclusive to members, with these awards WEP recognises the photographers premiered for this artistic, technical and emotional talent it promotes.

WEP and its members are present in Pinterest,Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook social networks.

WEP are currently working on bringing out their WEP magazine, as well as a blog where members will be able to offer, explain, describe and publish their work.

WEP is soon going to offer training for its members.

WEP is an ambitious and live project which grows according to the increase in the number of associate members.

Photographic Art Association

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